The Bananaquarium Universal Light Support: Another first of a kind, and unprecedented solution for your ultimate aquarium experience.  The Universal Light Support (ULS for short) is exactly what you need to suspend your aquarium lighting, without ruining the aesthetics of your rimless tank.



We believe that we have combined both aspects in the Universal Light Support: The aesthetics are admirable, and the function is unprecedented to this day. Styleful and yet practical. You can now suspend all types of aquarium lighting without having a second thought about the best suspension available.


Supporting every lighting brand


Our Light Support is truly universal, with the capability of suspending most of the aquarium lighting systems available today. The ULS makes clever use of the ceiling suspension option that comes with most lighting systems.

​The ULS can be used with a wide variety of lighting brands and types. If you can suspend your light to the ceiling, then the ULS is suitable for your lighting system!

-> List of compatible lighting systems <-



At Bananaquarium we know that design is amongst the most important aspect of a product. Yet a product without a proper function, a fashionable design won't do much good. We have designed the product with our focus on compatibility. We are the first to have developed a light suspension system that does not discriminate based on your lights' brand or type. We want to serve all fishkeepers with our product; the ULS has that unique capability.

​The Universal Light Support brings a whole new dimension to fishkeeping: You can now choose your lighting brand, without the need to think about the suspension system that comes with it. Our solution will suffice.

​The design does not show any bending when mounting a heavier light to it: The design looks perfectly straight when under stress: It is up for the job.


Industrial looks: Rock solid


The Bananaquarium ULS is user-friendly. It utilizes the potential for your light to be suspended to the ceiling, yet it is more convenient to use the ULS than it is to use your ceiling. In just a few minutes you can enjoy your aquarium, lit by the lights suspended with the Universal Light Support. Have a look at the user manual to check out the ease of use.


Durabl aquarium products


The ULS is being produced with only the best materials available. This way you are guaranteed that our product will work as it is supposed to, for as long as you need it to. The material we use to manufacture the ULS is suitable for every type of aquarium and won't decay over time.

KS_Aquarium render.189.jpg


The simplest equipment on your aquarium, is also the most important. The ULS is installed in under 5 minutes, with the convenience that your have got the best suspension available. Your light will be installed and mounted with a great feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Your light can be adjusted in depth and in height very easily. Besides, for the Bananaquarium ULS applies: One size does fit all.



What matters is the quality and safety of your fishes' habitat. You will want to use the best lighting system available. No matter the make or type, you will always have a great suspension system to use for your lights. Now you can keep your focus where it belongs: with your fish and corals.



Below we have included an important selection of product features. We think it is important that you know what you can expect.

Our product is universal: It fits all aquarium sizes available in the market with glass thickness up to 25 mm.

  • Aquarium requirements to fit the Universal Light Support:

    • Glass thickness (or a combination) of: 0 - 25 mm

    • Aquarium depth (front to back): 400 - 650 mm

  • Suitable for type of aquarium:

    • Fresh water

    • Salt water

    • Brackish water

  • Can mount any lighting system which is suitable to be suspended from the ceiling.

  • Max light weight (recommended)

    • <10mm glass thickness: 3.0 kg​

    • 10mm and up: 4.5 kg (heavier is possible, but on your own risk and depending on glass thickness)

    • Tip: When your light is to heavy for your aquarium, use a wooden or polycarbonate plate of +- 3mm thick between the clamping screws and the aquarium glass. This will distribute the weight more evenly, and reduce the risk of overloading the glass.

  • Support weight: +- 550 grams

  • Requires no maintenance after installation

  • Best price to quality ratio

  • Clean look, straightforward design

  • Great solution for aquarium cable management!

  • What's in the box:

    • suspension system for AI hydra​ (Yes it is included with this support)

    • 2x 30cm cable to combine with your ceiling suspension kit

    • Bananaquarium Universal Light Support with all means to assemble and use the product

    • User manual

    • We have pictured the Light support with the ASAqua MAX 30, but please note that this is one of many lights that fit the ULS and that the ASAqua MAX 30 is NOT included with the product.

Disclaimer: Bananaquarium is not responsible for overloading the glass. We do not accept any claims for misuse of the Universal Light Support, overloading the Universal Light Support, or any other unintended uses of the product. 

These lighting types and brands can be mounted to the ULS:
  • AI Hydra (Suspension kit included with ULS)

  • AI Hydra 26 (HD) (Suspension kit included with ULS)

  • AI Hydra 52 (HD) (Suspension kit included with ULS)

  • AI Prime HD (Requires "AI Prime Hanging Kit")

  • ASAqua MAX 30 (Suspension kit included with light)

  • ASAqua MAX 60 (Suspension kit included with light, we advice to use 2x ULS)

  • ASAqua Max 90 (Suspension kit included with light, use 2x ULS to mount safely)

  • ASAqua Aquanest (Suspension kit included with light)

  • Giesemann Vervve (Requires Giesemann Suspension kit item no. "20.300.013-9")

  • Giesemann VIVA (Requires Giesemann Suspension kit item no. "20.300.013-9"
    Use 2x ULS to suspend to aquarium safely!)

  • Giesemann RAZOR (Requires Giesemann Suspension kit item no. "20.300.013-3"
    Use 1x or 2x ULS depending on length of RAZOR unit)

  • Giesemann PULZAR (Requires Giesemann Suspension kit item no. "20.300.013-3 & 20.120.452 " Use 1x or 2x ULS depending on length of PULZAR unit)

  • Giesemann Matrix 2 260mm (Requires Giesemann Suspension kit item no. "20.300.013-3 & 20.120.452 " Use 2x ULS to mount the Matrix 2 safely)

  • Maxspect Razor R420R Nano, 120W, 160W (Requires "Maxspect Razor R420R Suspension Kit" Use 2x ULS with the 120W and 160W Razors)

For the not listed lights that can be mounted to the ceiling counts the following:
  • Max light depth: 260mm @ 450mm tank depth (front to back)
    or: Max light depth: 380mm @ 650mm tank depth (front to back)

  • Max weight: 3.5kg @ >10mm glass thickness (adviced)
    Max weight: 2.5kg @ <10mm glass thickness (advised)

  • Use 2x ULS at light length of > 500mm, or more than 3.5 kg to be sure of avoiding overloading the glass.

The party who is distributing the Universal Light Support: Oene van der Meer (Deltec Europe)

Please use the link above to order the ULS (Retailers only)

Soon available through: D. van Houten import- en Export BV

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