Sea wildlife is slowly seizing to exist in the way we have always known it: The sea is heating up, corals are bleaching, and sea life is getting harsher every day. The current forecasts tell us that we do not have (m)any coral reefs left in the ocean by the year 2050: This is a story that is emotionally touching, both because it is very hard to alter the current heading of the climate change, and because corals are in fact dying off very rapidly at this moment.

With Bananaquarium we want to do what we can in order to give sea life the best chance of survival: we want sea life to be as sustainable as possible in captivity, since in the very near future it might not be possible for sea life to survive in the real ocean. Our aim is thus to make fish keeping and reef keeping as accessible and sustainable as possible. Bananaquairum is built around the vision of modernizing the aquarium industry in order to make it both sustainable for the fish and corals, and accessible for fish- and reef keepers. We aim to provide our customers with desirable and useful products, which will help create the safest possible environment for your fish and corals.


Both, apprentice and master fish keepers, know about the issues that come with our modern, stylish open aquariums: Fish tend to jump out when they see fit. This knowledge always went hand in hand with the fact that this was something that could not be solved with the available solutions. To cover the aquarium would mean to take away the number 1 uniqueness of the open aquarium.
This mostly results in an aquarium cover that is only used at night of when the owner is not at home. Yet can we all relate to that emotionally broken feeling when a fish managed to escape our watch and end up on the dry land next to the tank. This is the issue that makes up the foundation for Bananaquarium: Emotional binding with our fish and corals makes that we want our products to stand out from everything that is available for aquariums today: The pets need to be as safe and comfortable as possible, and their owners must be able to enjoy his pets as much as possible.

With this foundation we have created the Fishguard and the Universal Light Support. We are working very hard to deliver more special products in 2018, to make your fish keeping experience as enjoyable as possible.

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