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Prevent jumping fish in style

>Unprecedented, unique and efficient


Bananaquarium has developed a set of products for a broad spectrum of challenges that come with fish keeping. While designing the products, you have been our focus: What do you want, and above all, what do you need? We created the solution against jumping fish, and created a great way to mount every, well, almost every lighting system in the market today.

Bananaquarium Universal Light Support
Bananaquarium Fishguard
Bananaquarium Fishguard
No more compromises.

With Fishguard we provide the safest habitat for your fish, without cutting down on the design of an open aquarium. Stylish yet effective in every way.

Available for all retailers world wide through:

D. van Houten import - export BV

Oene van der Meer

Ask your local retailer for more info and availability of this product.


Bananaquarium is focused on developing products which are applicable to most modern aquariums. Our products are serious must haves: They are crafted and designed with pure passion for you and your fish! At Bananaquarium it is all about you as our customers and the living animals within your aquarium. We strive to deliver only the best in the field of design and product purpose. All to enable you to enjoy your aquarium more than ever before, an provide the safest possible habitat for your fish.

Story time!

Sea wildlife is slowly seizing to exist in the way we have always known it: The sea is heating up, corals are bleaching, and sea life is getting harsher every day. The current forecasts tell us that we do not have (m)any coral reefs left in the ocean by the year 2050: This is a story that is emotionally touching, both because it is very hard to alter the current heading of the climate change, and because corals are in fact dying off very rapidly at this moment.

With Bananaquarium we want to do what we can in order to give sea life the best chance of survival: we want sea life to be as sustainable as possible in captivity, since in the very near future it might not be possible for sea life to survive in the real ocean. Our aim is thus to make fish keeping and reef keeping as accessible and sustainable as possible. 

Bananaquairum is built around the vision of modernizing the aquarium industry in order to make it both sustainable for the fish and corals, and accessible for fish- and reef keepers. We aim to provide our customers with desirable and useful products, which will help create the safest possible environment for your fish and corals.


Light holder for aquarium lights
Universal Aquarium Light Bracket
Aquarium Light Support
Aqua Illumination Light Support
Asaqua Max light support
Invisible aquarium cover screen
Universal Aquarium Light Support
Asaqua Max 30 light support
DIY aquarium screen cover
aquarium light support for slim LEDs
Bananaquarium Universal Light Suppor
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How to stop fish from jumping out
Aquamedic Hop Stop
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Bananaquairum ULS with Asaqua Max 60
Light bracket for every LED light
Bananaquairum Light bracket
Universal light bracket
Bananaquarium with ASAqua max 60
Aquarium LED light support
Rimless aquarium cover screen
Rimless aquarium cover
Prevent fish from jumping aquarium
DIY Mesh screen for aquarium
Easy Aquarium cover
Universal Light Support
Fishguard, the invisible tank cover
Light support
Bananaquarium FishGuard
Minimalistic aquarium cover
Universal Light Support for aquarium
Universal Light Support
Bananaquarium Light Support
How to suspend your aquarium light
Universal light support
Universal Aquarium Light Support
Bananaquarium uls
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